Catawba Island Historical Society

5258 E. Porter Street, P O Box 396, Catawba Island, OH 43452
Phone: (419) 967-5363
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Catawba Island Historical Society

This is the area’s newest museum. The Union Chapel on E. Porter Street has been renovated into a museum, cultural center and headquarters for the Catawba Island Historical Society.

Upon completion of Phase 1 in 2018, the facilities is more than just a home for yellowed pages and dog-eared photographs. Displays portray the past and present of our unique community as a path to the future, encouraging those who visit us to embrace the journey ahead.

Catawba is rich in legends. The story of an Ottawa Indian named Nabagon is one of the most famous. Following his death, Nabagon’s profile allegedly appeared on a rugged cliff to continue watching over his people. It is said that his spirit maintains the vigil, inspiring and protecting all who live here. Much has changed since the Ottawa Indians left here in 1831. We have been famous for our abundance of fruit orchards, our vineyards, and our brief effort to produce cement. Today Catawba Island is principally a fun and relaxing vacation mecca where the stress of daily life is traded for gorgeous sunsets and the tranquil rhythm of waves lapping at its shores. The Catawba Island Historical Society’s goal is to preserve and protect the story of where we have been and illustrate the connection between past and present. We will offer both as a platform visitors can stand upon to get a better look at what the future has in store. A great history of this area can be found at: