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Underground Railroad continued


Geography, demographics, and a rapidly developing transportation system precipitated Ohio’s prominent role within the Underground Railroad. Ohio’s southern river boundary of 451 miles established the longest natural boundary between free and slave soil. Once the river was crossed freedom seekers funneled to lake port cities such as Cleveland and Sandusky, no farther than 250 miles [...]

Underground Railroad continued2024-02-10T11:43:42-05:00

Cholera Cemetery


Adams and Harrison Streets

Like many other 19th century communities, Sandusky was not immune to epidemics of contagious diseases that occurred during this era. Unsanitary conditions were common in cities and other urban areas due to both a lack of sewer systems and limited access to pure clean water. Continue Reading >
Cholera Cemetery2023-07-22T13:55:18-04:00

August H. Moss House


428 Wayne Street

August Moss was a prosperous banker and merchant who lived in this grandiose mansion built for him in 1842, residing near prominent Sanduskians such as Oran Follett, Lester Hubbard, and his brother J. O. Moss. Continue Reading >
August H. Moss House2023-07-22T13:58:19-04:00

Beatty Church


SE Corner of Washington and Jackson Streets

A person looking in a south easterly direction from the northeast corner of Jackson and West Washington St. anytime during the latter half of the 19th century would have seen the old Beatty Church which stood just northwest of the courthouse. Continue Reading >
Beatty Church2023-07-22T14:19:06-04:00

Biemiller Building


121 - 125 East Water Street

Andrew Biemiller built the Italianate style structure in 1866 to accommodate the German Turnverein Association, a German organization that promoted gymnastics and athletics, as well as the study of the German language. Continue Reading >
Biemiller Building2023-07-22T14:32:35-04:00

Biemiller Opera House


Southwest Corner of West Water Street and Jackson Street

The building which would in time become known as the Sandusky Theatre was built in 1877 by Andrew Biemiller. It was first known as the Biemiller Opera House. Continue Reading >
Biemiller Opera House2023-07-22T16:56:12-04:00

Boy with the Boot


Washington Street, between Columbus Avenue and Jackson Street

The “Boy with the Boot” statue cast by J. W. Fiske Ironworks in New York City made its first appearance in Sandusky in 1895 at the foot of Wayne Street, just about two blocks northeast from here. Continue Reading >
Boy with the Boot2023-07-22T17:01:53-04:00

C.C. Keech Warehouse


231 East Water Street

Christopher Columbus Keech came to Sandusky from Batavia, New York in 1847. He was trained as a hatter and established a hat store on the south side of Water Street east of Columbus Avenue. Continue Reading >
C.C. Keech Warehouse2023-07-22T17:03:22-04:00
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